Developing Support Organisations


Through my extensive experience of assisting the start up and development of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises I have an intimate knowledge of the needs of such businesses and have developed programmes for businesses and for business advisors working with them. This has resulted in me working to develop successful support organisations in Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Lebanon, Macedonia, Turkmenistan, Jordan and the United Kingdom.


Business Incubation


Business incubation is the provision of intensive business support, usually within a managed property solution. It is recognised that this is an excellent way to increase the speed and sustainability of some businesses. Having created my own incubator in the UK, I have worked on the creation and enhancement of successful business incubators in Macedonia, Romania, Lebanon and Turkey.




Having originally trained as a teacher, I have used this skill to develop and deliver training in a number of areas. I can conduct training needs analysis and develop and deliver the necessary training to businesses. In addition, I am a qualified trainer of business advisors and have delivered such training in many of the countries I have worked in.



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