Being positive

It seems a long time since I sat and wrote a blog, largely because of the requirement to replace a failing right knee with a chromium German one! But at least it has given me an opportunity to reflect over the last couple of months and to come to some conclusions.

The knee problem itself was certainly a good learning point. It came out of the blue when my knee gave way one evening in late December. To be fair, the knee had always been a problem, particularly in cold weather, since a sports injury years back.

I suppose that I should have had it attended to right then, but male ego took over and the concept of physician heal thyself didn’t apply to me! Now of course the remedy was much more serious and resulted in an operation at the beginning of February that lasted three hours and totally replaced my knee. Procrastination was clearly not the best solution.

This was the first time I had been in hospital for more than 24 hours since I was four years old and the operation is taking time to recover, even with excellent physiotherapy. Being in a wheelchair and then on crutches soon made me realise that there were so many everyday things that I had to rely on others for.

However, this reliance on others was cushioned by the countless people who were there to assist. None were harder working than my wife who handled all those tasks with ease that I had told myself only men could do, whilst still cooking great meals and running the house! Perhaps I should learn to recognise the natural care that exists all around me.

Of course, the one thing that did happen in the middle of all of this was my 75th birthday. It caused probably the most reflection of all during this time. The first lesson was that 75 was only a number, albeit a rather large one. Secondly, I was able to see how many people took time to send me good wishes, as well as recognising the few who decided to ignore it. I think this was something about knowing who your friends are!

But it also allowed me to focus on the enjoyable life I have, regardless of being temporarily reliant on a pair of crutches. On my actual birthday I received two emails relating to potential business consultancy work. This showed that this element of my working life was still there. At the same time, I received confirmation that my second children’s book about Shaari the Malaysian Squirrel will be published in the next few weeks, keeping up my second strand of work.

Then, only last week I received my six-monthly royalty cheque for my business books and business audio books. These have been on the market for some time but are increasingly popular given the size of the cheque.

So, my reflections have taught me that, regardless of the need for an operation and rehabilitation, I still have a wonderful life. I have the good health to come through the treatment with minimal impact and I have a wonderful portfolio career even after all these years.

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